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Extra Space Self Storage

Extra Space Self Storage is the leading self storage operator in Singapore, Korea , Malaysia and Taiwan. Extra Space simplifies lifestyles and expands living spaces by giving you the space, expertise and services to de-clutter the way you live and work.

We allow people and businesses to store their items with us in our secured storage spaces, at affordable rates, for flexible time periods ranging from two weeks to twenty years. Our self storage facilities are located at convenient locations, near expressways and easily accessible via public transportation, meeting the storage needs of individuals, families and businesses in Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.

Personal Storage

Personal Storage

Finding space for all your valuable and personal belongings in space-starved Singapore is a challenge for all of us. Not only do we need space for our things, we want it on our terms and we want to be in control.

Business Storage

Business Storage

We make storage easy, so that you can focus on your business. Even better, do your numbers to see how much more economical self storage can be compared with renting more office or shop space for your records, inventory, samples or equipment.

Wine Storage

Wine Storage

Every wine collection requires space… and space with very specific characteristics.
The Extra Space cellar is purpose-built to achieve these conditions.

What Our Customers Say

"A few years ago I needed to house my growing wine collection. After exhaustive research and a variety of options, I found that Extra Space offered competitive pricing and a good location. The best part was their 24/7 policy with security access. I have control of my wine and can stop by after a late flight from abroad, to store my newly acquired bottles. The added benefit was meeting a lot of likeminded collectors, with whom friendships have grown.

The staff and management are personable and have always been helpful and welcoming. They even are nice enough to help accept my deliveries and arrange temporary storage if I'm not able to be there. A few years later when I moved to a smaller home, and had a lot of items that I just couldn't part with. There was only one place I wanted to store my belongings - Extra Space!"

James Mariano Marzo, Wine collector

"I’ve been storing with Extra Space Eunos Link Singapore since 2009 for my trading business. I am very happy with the service provided.

The Eunos Link storage facility is clean, well-lit and has spacious loading bays and large cargo lifts. I have 24 hour access via a secure pin code system to my storage unit which makes it easy for the running of my business, I can retrieve or deposit my stock as and when I need it.

I will definitely choose Extra Space and recommend it to any of my friends and family members that would require a storage facility in Singapore.

Kudos to Extra Space for making the storage experience easy and simple. Special thanks."

Patrick Low, DBE Singapore LLP, Trading business owner

"I operate a web based mail order business from home and I used to have to store my goods in my house. Since I rented Extra Space storage lockers, my home no longer looks and feels like a warehouse.

Extra Space storage lockers have also provided me with an avenue for business expansion by offering me increased storage space for more goods without incurring high costs of renting warehouses and by providing me the flexibility of storage space expansion any time I wish to stock up more goods.

In addition, I am pleased with the customer service provided by the staff at Extra Space, they are friendly, approachable and never fail to lend me a helping hand!"

Karen Tan, Children party supplies retailer

"Extra Space has made our storage with them always as easy, hassle free and safe, hence giving us peace of mind! In addition, Extra Space also provides their customers with value-added services which make them different from all other self storage providers in Singapore.

We have consistently received excellent customer service and professionalism from Christine as well as the friendly employees of Extra Space over all these years and would highly recommend their storage solution!"

Jaslyn Yio of Cozyio Pte Ltd, Toy retailer

10 things you should know about Extra Space Self Storage

Need to know something about self storage before you decide where to store? Here are some useful facts to help you.

  1. Adding another 50sq.ft. to your home to use as storage space will cost you $40,000 at $800psf. That same space costs only S$4,200 to S$4,500 a year in one of our self storage facilities.
  2. Self storage is an excellent option for all of your old books, golf clubs or children’s toys that the family have been trying to make you get rid of but you want to keep.
  3. You can rent a self storage unit for as little as 2 weeks and as long as 20 years, and that range in size from 16sq.ft (about the size of a standard fridge) to 450sq.ft (the size of a garage)
  4. You can create your own walk in cellar with our wine storage facility.
  5. Air conditioned storage provides ideal conditions for fragile or valuable possessions, by drying out the air and moderating the temperature fluctuations.
  6. In the blink of a very slow eye you can upsize or downsize your storage space… try doing that to your home or office!
  7. 24 x 7 electronically controlled access means that you can come and visit your valuables any time you want, day or night, week days, weekends and even public holidays, which is more than you can do with your bank box.
  8. You and only you hold the keys to your self- storage space. We don’t , so you better remember to bring yours when you come.
  9. You can enjoy even more savings with our flexible payment schemes that offer you a choice of payment modes and packages.
  10. We like our cookies but we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach! You will always get personalised service and customised solutions based on your storage needs.

If you want to know anything else, come and talk to us.